Wednesday, June 1, 2011 a nut shell

So, our little peanut is probably the sweetest, most lovable, most ornery, rotten, fantastic, pain in the rear end child I have ever met. She is all of these things at the same time, not to mention she is super funny. There are times when I want to rip out all my hair and give up, and other times when all I want to do is cuddle with her and love on her. Those times usually come within minutes of each other.

Her "school skills" like reading, math and writing are fantastic, but her common sense skills and ability to take direction are well, not. I am blogging about this not to bad mouth my child but to reach out for some advice from other mothers of "strong-willed" children. Peanut is determined and smart. She will be successful in life because she has the competitive drive needed to move her forward. But I know that right now if I don't help her figure some things out, she will be successful for the wrong reasons. I know, some of you are thinking she is ONLY 5, but I need to nip this thing now, other wise neither of us will make through her teenage years.

Peanut is my middle child. I don't want her to be the "typical" middle child. I want more for her. I love her so much and I am excited to see who she will become, I just want to guide her on the path God has for her. If you have any advice for raising a strong willed child please let me know:) thanks

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