Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things kids say.....

Booger, Peanut and Beanie are hilarious.....

Booger is a smart, cute type of funny. His favorite new word is Hypothesis. It is absolutely one of the cutest things I have ever heard, when he tells me that he has a hypothesis for something. Yesterday while swimming he had a hypothesis for why the ice melts in the swimming pool. Within minutes he was testing his hypothesis and drawing conclusions. I love listening to him when he gets excited about science. He also told me yesterday that he wants cure cancer, and once he figures out the cure he is going tell God so that he can cure everyone else. His heart is so big, it melts mine.

Peanut is a sassy type of funny. I don't even think she tries to be funny, she just is. She is a lot like her dad in that sense. We were at a Graduation Party for a friend of ours and one of the girls was wearing a strapless dress that had only 1 sleeve, confusing I know but try to picture it. Peanut walked right up to the girl and informed her that she lost one her sleeves. Everyone was cracking up, can you blame them? Peanut is also my actress, she walks around the house talking in English and southern accents, no one can be upset or in a bad mood with a 5 year old walking around telling you she is "Falling madly in love with you" in an English accent.

Beanie is just naturally funny in every way, another one who doesn't try. I wish I was naturally funny. Beanie's new thing is asking why, to EVERY thing I tell her. We are taking a nap...why? we are eating lunch....why? we need a bath.....why? A tad annoying but also super cute coming from a not even two year old. Beanie also has different tones she uses in her voice to get a rise out us, sometimes she'll talk in a low voice, other times in high voice just looking for a laugh.

Our house is never quiet and never dull. We laugh a lot and wouldn't have it any other way. I love all the fantastic things that my kids say...I just hope I remember to blog about them or write them down so I don't forget. :)

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