Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping Trip with my son, Hubby and a few great friends.

We got up ready to start our trip, we packed the car, loaded the bikes, and left, only 2 hours later than I wanted to. In the midst of the packing I am pretty sure that Booger asked about 700 times when we were leaving. I don't think he has ever been more excited, a camping trip without his sisters, what boy wouldn't be? We picked up a great friend on the way out, and headed to Garrett County for the long weekend.

The Car ride was sooooo much fun, we sang songs, listened to Booger play the harmonica I bought him at Cracker Barrell (sorry Summ!), played a few hilarious games of Mad Libs and even slept a little. Booger only asked what time it was and if we were there yet about 750 times, so really not to bad for a 7 year old who is more excited than he has ever been in his life!!!!!

Wednesday was mostly a day to set up camp and enjoy a great dinner of Tacos made by yours truly. Booger helped a good bit to set up the tent but mostly played with a good friend "Z" who also went along on the trip with us. We did get to take a small hike around the falls, with the whole group of 8 which was very nice. Once it was dark we started the fire and had Smore's...I think between Adam and Z they ate about 10 smores.....a side note, my best friend of 19 years Stephen, planned this trip, he was super organized and super prepared, and I am super grateful because given the recent events with our family vehicle I was in desperate need of some time away where I wasn't the one in charge. So thanks Steve!!

Tut tut it looks like rain.....for about 30 minutes.....but enough to deter us from going on our bike trip which was planned for the day. Instead we decided to head to place called Smiley's and make a ton of memories. Smiley's is a fantastic little place that has Go Karts, putt putt, bumper boats, bumper cars, laser tag and a small arcade....a 7 year olds dream!!! Booger had so much fun, even though he was a bit small to ride the Go Karts alone he loved being able to ride along with all of the adults and cheer us on. My Good friend Summ and I had a fantastic and absolutely hilarious time on the bumper boats and when told by the attendant that we drove the bumper boats worse than a 3 year old couldn't stop laughing. Thursday ended with some of the best Ice Cream I have EVER had in my LIFE, Card games, more Mad Libs and teaching Booger how to play Sudoku, (which he is actually very good at).

tut tut looks like rain.....again.....and it's cold....oh well, 5.5mi bike ride through the woods here we come!!! So we start off on the "bike" trail. Which I later learn is not actually a bike trail, but rather a hiking trail, on which if you choose to torture yourself you may ride your bike. Even though the "bike" trail was extremely hard, Booger and his friend "Z" who is 10, did a fantastic job, though they did walk some of it (we all walked some of it).  What a beautiful ride through God's creation, and what a sense of accomplishment at the end. I was exhausted and ready to call it quits for the day after lunch, when my energizer bunny convinced me to take him and Z out onto the lake in a scanoe. For 8$ and a smile on my boys face I couldn't say no. But I had to convince the hubby, who looked more tired than I did.  Of course he agreed, but once out on the lake we could both feel the tiredness start to set in, I am a little sad to say that we even though we paid for a ful hour we only spent about 30 minutes in the scanoe, before calling it quits. Our friends however enjoyed the full hour and came back to the docks happily singing,  screaming "row, row your boat", We ended Friday around the fire tired and worn out. What a great day!!

Our LAST full day....We split up the group, the 5 friends we came with us enjoyed an afternoon of horseback riding, while we enjoyed a long hike through the woods to admire the falls. We saw unique mushrooms, amazing trees, a beautiful beaver dam, and some gorgeous rock walls. Dan, Booger and I got to spend a great 3-4 hours together hiking through the woods and simply enjoying Gods beautiful creation together. I couldn't have asked for a better time on the last day of our trip. When we returned to the camp site, our friends were waiting. We went and had some more AMAZING ice cream and saw a movie together to finish out the last day of our trip. Then we sat around the fire till 12:30am planning our next trip and talking about how much fun we had in our short 4 days together.

Do we really have to go home? Packing wasn't to hard, we were leaving the camp site by 11:30 and we had some lunch together before heading back to cell phones, computers, TV and chaos. I so enjoyed the quiet, the talking, the jokes (and there were many!!), not being able to use technology. It was great. Booger has already talked about the scrapbook he wants to put together to remember our trip. I can't wait to start it with him.

A little side story for Sunday......
Booger had been catching frogs and Toads and other creatures all weekend. We asked him NOT to bring any of them home with him, however being a boy and being my son....hardheaded...he did not listen. As we were packing Booger caught another friend. He repeatedly tried to hide the toad in the car, and we repeatedly asked him not too. He then got a brilliant idea, "I will put the toad in my pocket." and he did. Through lunch at the restaurant our little friend, later named Trevor, sat in Booger's pocket. Once we were back in the car and headed for home, Booger decided to quietly take the toad out and put him into a side compartment on the insdie of the car door. Trevor must not have liked it there, because he made his way up front and up the pants leg of my husband, yes I did say "up the pants leg". When we stopped for gas Dan noticed that there was something wet on his leg....yes you guessed it....little Trevor. Adam immediately confessed that he brought the toad home and told us the story. TOOO CUTE. Trevor is now living in our back yard in the play house...I am pretty sure he is happy there, although Adam thinks he misses his family.

I know that most of you won't get this, but my friends who joined us will.
That's what she said.
More movie quotes than I could ever type...Here's one though.....WHOA!! Dream Big!!
"Moments" together.
Dylan singing.

It was great sleeping in my bed, but I miss my friends. I did miss my Beanie and Peanut immensely. But I am ready to pack up my family and friends, girls included this time and go back. It was ALL so simple. We had what needed and nothing more. Life was what it should be if only for 4 days. Who wants to come?

Thanks to Hubby, Steve, Summerly, Dustin, Dylan, Z, and Booger for an amazing camping trip. I can't wait to go again.

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  1. Sounds so fun!!!!!! Glad you guys enjoyed it!