Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have been noticing some changes in Adam recently, he just isn't listening like he used to. I have to repeat myself about 5-10 times before he responds or does what I asked, he is forgetful, and he also had been really wound up. I know a lot of people say, "oh he is just a boy". That I get, I have 3 brothers, but I just felt this was something more. So I started to research ADD and from what I can see, he has it. Not sure that its ADHD but definitely ADD. I have spoke with the doctor and  for right now we are not going to test him, but I am changing his diet. After reading and researching for about 2 weeks I came across different articles that support the idea that a child's diet can affect their moods. I agree, I mean chocolate gives me high, and other foods make me feel awful, so I thought it was worth a try. Today is the first real day of the diet.

For the next 3 weeks, Adam can't have dairy, sugar, food dyes, chocolate, and a couple other things. Then week by week we will slowly introduce certain things back in to his diet to see if his mood is affected by those things. Please pray that this is the answer and that I can help him and Paige stick to this new diet. It will be quite a change and if nothing else, he will be a healthier child. Thanks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Choosing a new curriculum....or staying with the old one.....

So, I went to the Homeschool Fair in Frederick, MD on Friday. And now I am stumped. I have been using a curriculum called My Father's World, which I do enjoy quite a bit, however it is a bit expensive, and I have to purchase a lot of text books. On one hand having the text books on hand is great but finding a place to store them while not in use is not. My Father's World also includes everything that I need except a phonics program and a Math program. The other curriculum I am looking at is very appealing because my children will actually attend classes one day a week, where they will participate with other students and do science activities, etc. It is also an all inclusive program, however instead of using textbooks that you purchase the children and I will get to choose what we would like to delve deeper into outside of the class. We can get books from the library or purchase smaller curriculum over the course of the year if we choose. I can also use the same curriculum for Adam and Paige, so the overall cost will be much cheaper and much easier on me.

I am pretty sure that I have made up my mind, but I just need to take some time in prayer to make sure that is what I want. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new start for blogging....

Starting out.....again,

So, I have tried this before, but I really really really want to do this. So let's do an update of sorts....

It's April! Where has the time gone!?! Catherine is already 8 months old. I can't believe it. She is crawling and pulling herself up to stand and walking around the furniture. She already has a mind of her own, and she makes us laugh like crazy. She is such a happy baby, I really hope that her disposition stays the same throughout her life. Paige, my peanut, is so smart. We have started a book called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and she is picking everything up so quickly. I love how much she loves to learn. She asks me how to spell words all the time, and loves doing her "school work". She is such a blessing and joy to me. Adam, where do I begin, he is doing wonderful. He has been a bit upset with me these past few weeks because I attempted to go back to work, and, long story short, we are behind in his school work. We will definitely catch up, but we will also be doing school until July. So, we might start a bit later next year.

Now a bit on me, as I said before, I "tried" and failed at heading back to work. I just can't do it, I miss my babies, and I know that the Lord has called me homeschool. My first responsibility is to my children and I honestly felt like I was failing them. Everyday I was overwhelmed and upset. I couldn't do it. Please pray for us though, we really need to stick tightly to our budget, for this to work. I know that we can do it as a family!!

So, my hope is to update this atleast weekly, but I can't promise.....keep your eyes out for my next blog!