Saturday, April 17, 2010

Choosing a new curriculum....or staying with the old one.....

So, I went to the Homeschool Fair in Frederick, MD on Friday. And now I am stumped. I have been using a curriculum called My Father's World, which I do enjoy quite a bit, however it is a bit expensive, and I have to purchase a lot of text books. On one hand having the text books on hand is great but finding a place to store them while not in use is not. My Father's World also includes everything that I need except a phonics program and a Math program. The other curriculum I am looking at is very appealing because my children will actually attend classes one day a week, where they will participate with other students and do science activities, etc. It is also an all inclusive program, however instead of using textbooks that you purchase the children and I will get to choose what we would like to delve deeper into outside of the class. We can get books from the library or purchase smaller curriculum over the course of the year if we choose. I can also use the same curriculum for Adam and Paige, so the overall cost will be much cheaper and much easier on me.

I am pretty sure that I have made up my mind, but I just need to take some time in prayer to make sure that is what I want. Any thoughts?


  1. me personally. this other new one is sounding awesome.
    1. its cheaper.
    2. other kid interaction.
    3. two in one!
    those are my thoughts. im sure you'll choose the right ones. you tend to know what is best for your children. :)

  2. It is not cheaper up front, cheaper in the long run.

  3. Sounds to me you are pretty made up too...and I would agree. I think "long run" cheaper is a better option. :)

  4. What is the name of the curriculum? I can recommend a fantastic math curriculum if you are interested. Middle of the road price wise.

    I was reading April's blog and came across yours

    Lisa L.