Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have been noticing some changes in Adam recently, he just isn't listening like he used to. I have to repeat myself about 5-10 times before he responds or does what I asked, he is forgetful, and he also had been really wound up. I know a lot of people say, "oh he is just a boy". That I get, I have 3 brothers, but I just felt this was something more. So I started to research ADD and from what I can see, he has it. Not sure that its ADHD but definitely ADD. I have spoke with the doctor and  for right now we are not going to test him, but I am changing his diet. After reading and researching for about 2 weeks I came across different articles that support the idea that a child's diet can affect their moods. I agree, I mean chocolate gives me high, and other foods make me feel awful, so I thought it was worth a try. Today is the first real day of the diet.

For the next 3 weeks, Adam can't have dairy, sugar, food dyes, chocolate, and a couple other things. Then week by week we will slowly introduce certain things back in to his diet to see if his mood is affected by those things. Please pray that this is the answer and that I can help him and Paige stick to this new diet. It will be quite a change and if nothing else, he will be a healthier child. Thanks.


  1. man! im bringing my own food for date nights then! haha. ;)
    i think it'll work good.

  2. I hope it all works out well!! Praying for a good outcome!

  3. I know that a diet change can really help children with their attention spans. It only makes sense that it would help with ADD. Good luck to you; hopefully it won't be a hard battle. Just think 3 weeks and then he might LOVE it.

  4. He love love loves the chocolate soy milk, which I thought would be the biggest battle. He also doesn't mind the Rice Milk for other things. And I found these amazing organic capri sun things that they both love. I am really enjoying this new food plan already.