Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adam's progress

So, Adam has now been on his new food plan for almost 3 weeks. And I have to say it has been fantastic. The biggest change has been the fact that he is able to wind down at the end of the day. He falls asleep between 830-900, where before he would be up some nights til 1100 or midnight. We have stuck to almost everything giving in here and there and allowing them certain things. The main thing that we have been trying to regulate is his sugar intake especially after 3pm. And I have cut all dyes from both of their diets for good.

We did allow them some cake at a birthday party and I noticed almost immediately that they were hyper and not listening as well. Their listening skills have improved quite a bit with the new plan, they still act like kids and do things that they want at times, but that's how almost all kids are. I have been very impressed with Paige's ability to retain all the information that I give her, Adam as well. When told to do something they follow direction's much better than before.

To all parents, I would just say that simple snacks like fruit snacks, or chocolate milk (our kids LOVE chocolate milk), are the snacks that they definitely should not be having. Atleast not everyday. They are easy, and they are full of sugar and dye. I used to say that I had a very healthy household, but I realize now, that I wasn't doing all I could to keep my children healthy both in body and mind. Now in doing all this, I know that there will be times when our children will "overdose" on candy or treats. But again they are children, and I can't deny them little pleasures here and there, because I don't deny myself. 

If anyone feels that their children may be just a bit to hyper, or not listening when they should. Then I highly suggest this new food plan for you, just google ADHD diet and you will have the "plan". This is such an easy thing to do and a healthier way to live.

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