Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learning everyday.

Every child is homeschooled when you really think about it. All parents are teachers in some way. Recently, two of my younger siblings have said that they wish they were homeschooled, I was touched really, but then I thought, you are homeschooled!! Maybe you aren't homeschooled in Math or History, but all parents are doing their best to teach their children how to be contributing adults in this crazy world.

Every day my children are learning, whether I am formally teaching them or not, they are learning. I have tried lately to be even more cautious of how and what I say to them. The Duggars are one of my favorite families to watch and learn from. Say what you want, but their children respect them and love them. What more could a parent want? Raising a loving and respectful child is more important to me than what college they go to.

So to all the parents who officially homeschool and those who unofficially homeschool, I commend you, for teaching your children and for being amazing parents!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

End of the school year....

I really can't believe that it's almost the end of the school year! I have reviews for Adam this Saturday!

So let's see, first of all, I was just thinking that at the beginning of next school year I will have a 1 year old, a kindergartner and a second grader! I am overwhelmed just thinking about it. I know that God has some amazing things in store for us in the coming school year and even over the summer. I entered Adam in a Bible Bee, and we as a family will be studying for the next 12 weeks, helping him to learn and memorize 250 scripture verses. Should be tons of fun. Paige is really excited to be learning the verses as well, although she won't be competing like Adam. I am so excited to start school next year.The kids are learning so fast and doing so well. I really feel like the new curriculum that we will be using together as a family will be beneficial to all of us.

Now for some updates on the kiddies....

Catherine is really the sweetest baby. Always happy, always smiling, she lights up my day and really knows how to melt my heart. She is crawling everywhere, and I am positive she will be taking her first steps any day now. She says Momma and Dadda and means it. She waves and claps and dances, and keeps us all laughing. She already has a heart of gold, I know that I will continue to be just as proud of her as she grows.

Paige, my little Peanut. My strong-willed baby. She is her own person, she is independent and sassy. I know that no matter what she does in life she will be the leader. She makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out at the same time, she is Me. I don't know what I would do without that little girl in my life. I really can't wait to see the person she will become. She will definitely keep us on our toes for years to come. Right now, she is learning to read and doing pretty well, and picking up basic Math concepts. She has a yearning to be good, that is the best way I can explain it. Even though there are days where I swear her only purpose is to push boundaries, she wants so badly to be a good person, and that warms my heart.

Adam, Booger. Boys, will be boys. He is rambunctious and inquisitive (about everything), happy and hyper, everything a boy should be. And he is SMART. He blows my mind sometimes. Especially with Math. I was teaching him subtraction and he said, "mom, this is easy. I got it.". He picks up new things so quickly and wants to know more all the time. I find myself researching things just to help him all the time. Right now he wants to be a spy when he gets older, so we have been learning different things about spies and what they do....which it's kind of hard to explain sometimes. He also has a heart for the Lord, recently I have had people comment on what a spiritual person he is. And he really is, he prays all the time, he reads his bible by himself, and everyday he has a questions about God. God has great things in store for all my children, but I am most curious to see what Adam does.

Life always has firsts and lasts, and as the last day of the school year approaches, I am a little sad to longer have a first grader, preschooler and infant. I wish I knew a head of time the last time my baby was going to say "momma" instead of "mommy", or the last time that they would crawl instead of walk, or when they wouldn't ask anymore how to spell their name. Life is full of lasts and firsts, so here is to the quickly approaching last day of the 2009-2010 school year!