Thursday, June 10, 2010

Learning everyday.

Every child is homeschooled when you really think about it. All parents are teachers in some way. Recently, two of my younger siblings have said that they wish they were homeschooled, I was touched really, but then I thought, you are homeschooled!! Maybe you aren't homeschooled in Math or History, but all parents are doing their best to teach their children how to be contributing adults in this crazy world.

Every day my children are learning, whether I am formally teaching them or not, they are learning. I have tried lately to be even more cautious of how and what I say to them. The Duggars are one of my favorite families to watch and learn from. Say what you want, but their children respect them and love them. What more could a parent want? Raising a loving and respectful child is more important to me than what college they go to.

So to all the parents who officially homeschool and those who unofficially homeschool, I commend you, for teaching your children and for being amazing parents!!!

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