Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A few weeks in....

Well, we aren't ahead like I had hoped for but we aren't behind either so all in all I feel pretty good. Here are a few update on the kiddos..

Booger is still finishing up his Math Book from last year, and I am not exactly looking forward to moving on to the next book. He is so meticulous and takes so much time doing the 3 digit multiplication that he is working on now that I am worried 1 lesson in long division will take us atleast 2 weeks to finish. Maybe I should just be happy that he understands it and be okay with the fact that it sometimes takes over an hour to complete his mathwork.

Now onto Peanut, to say I am glad we homeschool her is an understatement. The other afternoon I asked her to recite the Old Testament books of the bible, and as she was reciting them she spun around in circles and danced. She has so much energy I can barely contain her sometimes. I love that she can be her energetic self while still learning at the same time.

My little Beanie, well, she is only 3. So she isn't doing much in the way of actual school work, but she has a few workbooks that she does every now and then. She also sits and reads book with me and does other activities. I love our quiet times together...however few and far between they may be. I am beginning to see how crazy life is going to be when I am truly schooling all 3 of them at 3 different levels. Hopefully my brain is up for the challenge.

Now for something we are doing as a family. Every night when we have our family prayer time we are working through the ABC's of scripture. If you go over to the blog ICanTeachMyChild  you can see the booklet we are using I am really enjoying this booklet and the kids love it too. They even yell at us if forget to go over their verses. They best part is that when they are finished they will have memorized 26 verses with references and so will we. Even little Beanie can remember a few of the verses. How wonderful is that?!?!

A~"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15