Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A day at the Zoo.

Monday was beyond gorgeous, and minus the sunburn I have now it was a fantastic day. 

Beanie wanted to drive us to the zoo, but I decided against it since she doesn't quite have her license yet.

The kids asked about 70 times "Are we there yet?" Which can definitely wear on you after the first 10. But we arrived safe and sound and had a blast!

The little one on the end is my 4th baby, we will call her E. I adore her. Between her and Beanie, Booger Peanut and I were laughing the whole day they were having a blast and so excited about their first real trip to the zoo.

I love this pic of the two of them, leaning over, excited to learn and watch. So Sweet.
Booger being "eaten alive" by some bones....It was a bit scary.

One of my new favorites of my 3 goofballs.

My little peanut, isn't much of a Peanut anymore....I wish they would just stop growing up.
One of my favorites of the Bean from the day.

I love the Zoo, I love that we have yearly pass to go whenever we like, but most of all I love that my children learn while we are there. Not because I spend tons of times teaching on each animal, but because they love to ask the zoo keepers questions and read the signs posted about each animal. Booger and Peanut constantly surprise me with how much they have learned from a few hours of exploring on their own. I love being home with my kiddies. What a fantastic day!


So we are now learning about Germany in our World Study. Yesterday I was teaching the kids a few words in German and they couldn't stop laughing. They though that every word was funnier than the one before it. They could barely even pronounce the words they were laughing so hard. Soon I was laughing so hard that I could barely carry on the lesson. What a fun way to learn German.