Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A super fun, super tiring, super frustrating and yet totally awesome day!!

So the day went a little something like this...

I got a text from a good friend who asked us (me and the kiddos) if we wanted to head to the zoo. Of course we did!! So, I get everyone ready including my youngest sibling, (Spot <----Family joke), and head to the Zoo. On the way, I decided to take care of a phone call that Dan asked me to make, and Peanut and Booger begin to have a conversation that goes a little something like this....

Booger- "Peanut, don't do that while mom is driving. She has to have her hands at 10 and 2."
Peanut- "10 and 2? The driving wheel isn't a clock, Booger!!"
Booger- "I know Peanut, its just a figure of speech!"

And of course I am laughing, first of all the fact that my 7 year old knows what 10 and 2 means is hilarious. Then the fact that he used the phrase "Figure of Speech" for the most part, correctly in a sentence is pretty amazing.

So the rest of the drive was pretty boring, minus 2 prius' deciding that they owned the road.

We arrive at the Zoo, and get everyone out of the car, Beanie, Peanut, Booger and Spot. And I shut the door, and can't find my keys!!! The panic sets in!! Where are my keys?! Check the diaper Check the Check the lunch Check the Can't find them, check everything again....and again. Then after 15 minutes and being super late to meet my friend for the zoo, I find them in the stroller even though I checked the stroller 3 times. Anyway, the day goes on, We decide to ride the TRAM into the zoo. The reason TRAM is capitalized is because on the TRAM, I was informed by my friends 3 year old, after calling it a train that it is actually called a TRAM. Too cute.

First stop Polar Bears, Beanie LOVES bears. We have a little convo about the Polar Bears, I am going to try to type this as cute as it sounded.

Beanie: "Bear a sleepin?"
Me: "Yes baby the polar bear is sleeping."
Beanie : "Bear a pillow?"
Me : "The bear doesn't have his pillow?"
Beanie : "Bear no pilloooowwww!"
Me: "where did the bears pillow go?"
Beanie: "I nuh no."

And I was able to get it on video!!!! LOVE IT!!

Some of my other favorite parts of the day include two super sweet almost 2 year old's holding hands. My little Peanut following ALL directions and being the best little girl she could've possibly been the entire day. She was so fantastic that I even took her out to buy her a special reward! Spending the afternoon with a dear friend with whom I am so glad that I am getting reacquainted with. And getting flowers from another sweet friends garden.

Some of the frustrating parts of the day, were that my usually fantastic, little Booger, lived up to his name today. He was not a good listener, got put on red, which in this house means punished, and was not able to get a special reward at the end of the day. I am trying not to dwell on it, because everyone is entitled to a bad day but I guess it was just frustrating because he took over being rotten while the Peanut was doing everything that is expected and asked of her (SOOOO unlike her). Also that I bought 3 chocolate smoothies for the kids from Starbucks figuring they would LOVE them....only to find out that they did NOT love them because I forgot that there were bananas in them.

But overall, pretty great day today....what did you do?

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