Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sun Catchers

So there is this blog I love it. I love all the great ideas and the wonderful art projects. This morning we made Sun Catchers and the kids had a blast!!!

Yesterday I took a trip to Michaels to get the supplies, 3 Acrylic Frame Boxes 3.99$ each, 3 bags of glass tiles 1.99$ each, and 3 bottles of clear elmers school glue 2.49$ each. Total cost about 23$ with my teacher discount. It's a little bit pricier than I am used to for an art project but I was super excited to try it with the kids.

The kids started out by pouring the glue into the frame boxes and then swirling it around til it covered  the entire bottom of the box. Then Beanie got straight to work on placing the tiles wherever she wanted, Peanut and Booger took a more methodical approach to it. Check out the pictures!!

Beanie was not to happy about getting "goo on her finders"

 Hopefully once they are dry and hanging up in our front window I can rememeber to take a few more pictures. For now I hope you are inspired to Play At Home with your kids :)

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