Monday, January 30, 2012


We have a journal jar with different ideas for writing assignments. Most of them are simple things like "what is your favorite vacation spot and why?" Today Peanut chose one that says, "list five things that make you happy". Her list is as follows....

 1.  My mom taking me to somewhere special.
 2.  My dad taking me to the park.
 3.  Playing with my brother.
*4.  Obeying God.
 5.  Helping my mom and dad.

I also asked her to put a star next to the one thing that makes her happiest. She chose Obeying God. Then she wrote "Obeying God makes me happy because God is my savior."

I love childlike faith.

I love journaling.

I love that each one of the things that make her happy are about relationships and not about material things.

I love that she, at 6 years old realizes that relationships are the most important thing in this life.

I love that the most important relationship in her life is her relationship with God.

I love my peanut.

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