Friday, August 10, 2012

A new school year....a some other *new* things

Holy Moly....another school year is about to start. We now have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader, and dare I say a preschooler!! (Beanie wanted her OWN school books this year). So this marks our 5th year of Homeschooling. I NEVER thought we would make it this far, and I am more excited than ever to start teaching!!! I am more organized and I feel far more prepared...maybe it's because I finally feel like I know what I am doing. Check out our school area!!!
AND this year I have EVERYTHING organized in to 1 binder for each kid. That way there is no way that they can leave papers laying around. *sidenote*- When I started homeschooling, I thought, "this will be awesome, no lost papers, no trying to find homework, or permission slips, or anything. I will know right where everything is because I am the only one who needs to see it." Fast forward 4 years...Last year the week before our review I was going through 5 stacks of papers and getting them organized. *end sidenote* So this year is different, I am ready. I spent 2 weeks cleaning out the school area, and organizing everything needed for this school year. Here is a look at Peanuts binder!!!

I am ready, the kids are ready. We are ALL excited. This school year is gearing up to be great!!

Now for the other new things, We are trying out a new product in the Criswell Household. It's called a TV timer. The way it works is, the kids have to earn token in order to have TV time. 1 token per 30 minutes of TV time, 4 tokens max per day. The tokens are actually inserted into the timer and the time begins as soon as the token drops. I am super excited for the kiddos to stop channel surfing when they are bored, and also super excited that I won't have to yell about the TV anymore. We only have 1 TV in the house but it seems to get turned on constantly with 3 kids in the house.

I am also slowly starting to redecorate our house....just little things, rearranging, painting...etc. Looking forward to posting those on here as well, since the kids and I will be doing most of the projects together.

Alright, bedtime for this momma, I will be getting up early and serving coffee to the world :)

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  1. LOOOOVE the binders! You are going to be a great teacher this year! <3 ya