Monday, August 20, 2012

I bet your ready to send those kids back to school....

Those are the words that I heard from 2 different people within 10 minutes at Petsmart today...(and my kids were being good)

This is NOT going to be a rant on how we homeschool and it's better than private school or public school, because that is NOT my belief. We homeschool because it's right for our family.

That being said, I was hurt as a parent that someone would say that.... I know, I know, everyone says it, everyone says, "Oh I bet your ready for THOSE kids to be back in school." I will admit somedays I think it would be easier, it would be less stressful to send them to school. However I don't really know anyone who doesn't miss their kids when they are gone, whether it be at school, with friends, with a grandparent. I need breaks just like every other mom, and I take them. But I still MISS my kids.

So here is my rant, those people know nothing about me. What if I was military and just returned from a tour? I would want my kids by my side every day. What if I was a school teacher, and I was getting ready to head into a classroom of 25+ kids and their parents were hoping and praying I was excited as their children? What if I was a homeschooling mom who teaches her kids and loves it because she believes with her whole heart that God has placed that calling on her family? What if?

This may not upset everyone, but it breaks my heart that parts of society look at school as a drop off daycare for kids, that's not what it is. It's meant to be an extension of the learning that was started and should be continued in the home.

Sorry for the rant. just had to get it off my chest.

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