Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2nd Day of School....Hopefully better than the first

Went swimming with a friend yesterday. She knew we were starting school and so she asked Peanut how school went. Peanut's response, "terrible." Wow, I thought it went better than that. To be fair to Peanut, she got yelled at 3 times during a 2 hour lesson....not a great start to the school year....hoping for a better day today and so far, it has been.

These are the things Peanut was yelled at corrected for yesterday and also the ways she improved...

1. As I was reading from one of the textbooks, she got up and left the room. (she had to go to the bathroom). I yelled for her to return and didn't get an answer. I had to leave the school table and find her. She was yelled at, not for going to the bathroom but for walking off without permission. Fast forward to today...We were finishing up lessons and moving on to quiet work, Peanut said, "excuse me mom, Can I go to the bathroom." My answer, "Of Course."

2. Peanut didn't want to copy her memory verse. Fast forward to this morning....Peanut was the first at the table and reciting the verse before I even asked.

3. Peanut didn't like the Poem I assigned her to learn and started crying....really crying about it. Fast forward to today, She recited her poem beautifully.

If you would've asked me yesterday about the school year and how I felt, I might've run out of the room crying. If yesterday was going to be the norm, I might've shipped her off to school in a few weeks. Sunday I was excited, Monday I was defeated, Today I am relieved and thankful. Right now the kids are doing their spelling work quietly and we will soon be off to get our FREE haircuts at JCPenney.

Change in title....2nd Day of School....Definitely Better than the First!!!!


  1. Hey Brandy! I had no idea you blogged.. I love this post by the way! Things to look forward to when teaching our child =)

  2. Go Peanut! And Mommy! I love teaching about vocabulary too! It defiantly levels the playing field and you can see the confidence rise within them! Keep blogging! I'm lovin it.

  3. thanks guys!!! I LOVE blogging!! hoping to keep it up this year...lol