Monday, July 23, 2012

Lets try this whole blogging thing....AGAIN

I think this is my third, fourth, I don't know hundreth attempt to start this blog and keep it here goes nothing........

It's summertime, we breaking from school for a short 8 weeks. I am ready to start again already, but I am also loving the break. I think that's every homeschooling mom's dilemma, if we start early we get done early....but then should we start even earlier? It's a vicious cycle.

This year we are starting earlier than we ever have, the second week in August. I have good reasons though. I want to take off extra time in December to visit with family and I don't want to be carrying around 30 extra lbs in school books. PRAY FOR ME....getting these kids to start school 3 weeks earlier than everyone around them, it might mean world war 3.

Okay lets update everyone on the kiddos...
~Booger- He is going to be....wait for it....9 YEARS OLD!!! Is that even possible? I mean really? He is becoming a little man and I have to be honest, occasionally I just start crying and wishing for my little boy to come back. It's hard but I feel so priveledged to be his mom and watch this awesome little guy grow everyday. He is the most driven of my children, I often wonder where that will take him...I can't wait to see how God is going to use that coupled with his compassion for others.
~Peanut- She is almost 7, and she is more creative than ever. She is sarcastic (she gets it from her father) and it's hilarious to hear. She loves to do good, not neccessarily 'be good' but do good. I love her mischevious nature, and even if I yell at her in the moment, I often laugh at the moment later on in the day.
~Bean- Her middle name is an Irish proverb meaning, "my song and my joy". To say that she is a joy, is an understatment. she makes us laugh and smile, and her older siblings can't get enough of her. She will soon be 3!!! 3!!! wow, the time has flown. One of my favorite things is how she prays, every night she re-lives her day and tells God what she did. Then she says Amen. She doesn't ask for anything...not yet anyway...she just informs her 'friend' Jesus about her day and moves on. I love it.

A little about the parents...
~The Hubbs and I just celebrated 8 years of wedded bliss, and we are about to undergo some major lifestyle changes...more on that soon...but for now lets just say that we need prayer to make it all work.

Thanks for listening, reading, I will be back soon....

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  1. Yeah for starting again...I am here...ready to read! :) And always praying for you guys!