Monday, October 13, 2014

Off to a really rough start.

The beginning of the school year has, for the last 3 years, been the hardest part. Coming off of summer brains and trying to get back on schedule this year has proven to be the hardest yet.

Usually it's just because of summer and schedules, but this school year has already given us our share of  setbacks, injuries, sicknesses and tragedies. For starters, right at the beginning we had construction work going on all around us. As my bedroom and our backyard were being torn apart. Around this same time I also started back at my seasonal braiding job at the Renn Faire which has me gone most of the weekend, and still recuperating on Monday. Then I sprained my ankle....worst sprain I have had in years and was unable to walk for the better part of a week. After which I came down with the plague....(I still don't have my whole voice, and I am beginning to wonder if I ever will.) And then we had a death in the family which turned our close family's world upside down and we have been trying to get back to a sense of "normalcy" ever since.

So here we are about 5 weeks in to our school year, and I am frazzled. I am tired and I am stressed. To top things off the hubbs is traveling this week and I am here to man the ship. So what's a mom to do.....

press pause.

I am going to not worry about lessons this week, I am going to clean up the house, I am going to spend time with the kids, I am going to put things back into order and take a lot of deep breaths. Then I am going to spend more time with the kids, and A LOT of time with God. Then I can reset our school year and more importantly our home. Because we are still going to have a great school year. We aren't behind yet, but we will be if I don't find rest. And that won't happen until I realize that God is asking me to slow down and find my rest in him this year.

The Criswell Academy will be back in session next week, until then we are resting.

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