Friday, October 3, 2014

Do you ever get a moment to yourself?

I have had 2 people ask me this question this week. When do you get moment to yourself? A good friend of mine who is just starting out as a homeschooling mom asked me if there is ever down time...if I ever get a break. Another was a family member just curious about our day to day routine. I honestly don't know how to answer this.

Yes, I have moments to myself. I go on dates with my husband, I have coffee dates with friends, I train for marathons and I go to the gym....I even get to play volleyball 1 night a week....GASP.....and I hold a part-time job. So yes, there are 'me' moments.

But, no I don't drop the kids off at school or walk them to the bus stop. We wake up together have breakfast in the kitchen and then head to the dining room for lessons. We spend the whole day together. Then head to gymnastics, karate, music, or church. I might head to the gym when my hubby gets home or go to volleyball. But when I come home we have family time, read books, say prayers, and go to bed to wake up and do it all again.

You know, when school started last month I was reading all these blogs about moms dropping there kids off at school and getting freedom. And watching these funny commercials about getting to go to Target alone. Or reading Facebook posts about finally painting that room they have been putting off forever. I was jealous. I was jealous of the free-time, jealous of the first day of school pictures. Jealous of the "normalcy" of it all. And to be completely honest this was the first year we got a push back from Booger about homeschool and him wanting to GO to school.

So I was beginning to question all of it. But then we started school this year and I realized this is our "normal".


We do life together, we do moments together, we homeschool together. And no we don't get many moments to ourselves, but don't feel bad for us, this is our choice. And with the help of God we are going to continue doing just this.

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