Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peanut steps up.

Our homeschool lessons include the basics, Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Science, Social Studies, History Geography....but we also study the bible, and learn about missionaries and what they are doing in other countries. This is where our discussions have started to get real.

Yesterday I was teaching about Haiti, and about the many missionaries that have been there throughout the years. I also told the kids about the recent events in Haiti and how the Haitians need our help more than ever. In our book there is a picture of a typical Haitian child's bedroom. There isn't much, a small bed, that usually sleeps 2-3 children, and just a few small personal belongings. Peanut looked concerned and I could tell she was thinking about everything I was saying, when she said, "Mom, I have too much stuff. I could give them some of my stuff." She started to get up at that moment to pack some of her things up. I didn't want to, but I stopped her. We talked more about the children there, who needed OUR help. And both kids, Peanut especially were eager to start. At the end of "bible time" as I call it, Booger is usually the one to pray, but yesterday Peanut jumped in and said, "Mom, I would really like to pray for those people." and PRAY she did. We are still talking about how we are going to help, and trying to figure out a plan that will really involve the kids in the process.

Peanut is really my "quiet" one. It takes quite a bit for her to "feel" something for another person, or to talk to another person. She isn't as easily touched as Booger is. Don't get me wrong she is sensitive, and does care but she doesn't give her heart to every passer by. She also doesn't want to pray every night like Booger does. However, when something is on her heart or mind. Look out, because it's going to take a train to stop her. I always say she is my free spirit. I do not know what is going to excite her today, or tomorrow. I couldn't even begin to tell you what she will be like as an adult, but I do know one thing, when she discovers her passion she will make a difference. I love my little girl, watching her grow everyday is such a joy. Thank you Lord, for giving my children a desire to help.


  1. That is so sweet...the childlike faith and sense of urgency to help. We could all learn something...

  2. That's exactly what Dan and I talked about last night, I so quick to question, kids are quick to do!

  3. Oh thats great Brandy! That speaks to how you and Dan are pouring into their lives. I am sure your heart swelled with pride.