Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on Beans Health Issues......

So first off...........PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!

Okay second, The Bean is perfectly healthy, no allergies, no diseases, NOTHING....again? I think so, PRAISE GOD!!!

The last 15 months of sleepless nights, and screaming, and crying (both mommy and baby) were all due to, wait for it....constipation. Why didn't anyone find this sooner? It's a relief and super frustrating all at once. I was prepared for the worst because of ALL the problems we were having, but THANK GOD, nothing except constipation. So, what's next? Well Beanie has to be on Lactulose for about 4 months to ensure that everything keeps on moving, and a high fiber diet for probably the rest of her life....I know what your thinking...Super EASY....I couldn't agree more and I am elated. Thanks so much for all your prayers and all the support that everyone has given us. LOVE YOU ALL!

And this little smiling face makes it all worthwhile.

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