Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Picking and the Pumpkin Patch

Have you ever had a simple, yet perfect day with your family? With no temper tantrums and no whining? (this doesn't happen very often when you have 3 children) A day with family and friends where you enjoyed yourself to the fullest? Yesterday my family went to a Farm in Westminister, we picked Apples and Pumpkins and simply enjoyed being together.

The day started a little later than anticipated but with the beautiful weather none of us could complain. Our group of 11 consisted of my parents, my mother in law, my hubby and our 3 children, and my friend Rachel her husband and their children, K and B. We headed out to the Farm and when we got there the kids were jumping with joy to get on the wagon which would take us to the Apple Orchard

When we arrived at the orchard, the kids could hardly contain themselves, they had their bags filled it minutes it seemed!

On our way out of the orchard the kids were just so sweet!! I caught this picture, and it's one of my favorites from the day!

After the orchard we enjoyed some time walking through the market and letting the kids climb on a nearby playground. Then after some snacks and refreshments we headed to the pumpkin patch.

Notice the LARGE pumpkin Adam is attached to? He wanted this one, my rule however is if you can't pick it up you can't get it. After this picture was taken he attempted to roll "his" pumpkin down the hill. 

After picking some of the prettiest pumpkins I have ever seen, my hubby to a picture of me that I think captures my overall feeling of the day. 

There are days when I truly want to throw in the towel, days when my children know exactly which of mommy's buttons to push to get me upset. Most of my days are overall great days, days when I am content with life and happy to be me. Then God gives me a day like yesterday. A day that reminds that I am truly blessed, and that I wouldn't change a single thing in my life, because even if the smallest thing were different I might not be able to have a simply perfect day with my family.

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