Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, Week 3

So the year has officially begun. We've actually had a pretty rough start to the year. I have been sick, Booger has been sick, we had to take the little Bean to the hospital. So yeah, blogging hasn't really been on mind. But hopefully I can pick this back up again.

We took a family trip to DC recently, and the kids had a lot of fun. I think that Peanut was just a little young for some things, but Bogger was very curious about the different things that he was seeing. And he hasn't stopped talking about the Washington Monument. Peanut enjoyed running through the mall the most. She loves to be outside, looking at birds and different animals, it's always a lot of fun to watch her. Little Bean, just liked exploring whatever she could get her little hands on. And of course being 1 everything is new and exciting to her.

So, to give a little update on each kid. Booger has been flying through his lessons. These first few weeks have been mostly review and he remembers almost everything that we learned last year, which is great for me.

Peanut is reading!! And doing a great job. She started reading last year, but she really seems to have found a groove these last 2 1/2 weeks. I am so proud.

We have combined Science, Art, History and Geography so that both of them can work together, and I don't have to teach two different lessons each day and it seems to be going very well. Some things are hard for Peanut to grasp, but for the most part she does a fantastic job, it is 2nd and 3rd grade level work after all. She really likes that she is a "big girl" now and gets to complete the same assignments as her brother.  Booger is loving the lessons especially Science and Geography. He is very interested in Maps and how to use them, so we have been focusing a bit more on that than on the other things. The little Bean is talking so much, and running all over the house. I can't believe that she is one and doing all these things already. Some days I am sad to think that she is our last child, but I everyday I enjoy watching my 3 amazing children grow and learn.

Please keep little Bean in your prayers, we are having some issues with her stomach and her sleeping and we have to to take her to a specialist to try to figure out what has been going on with her. The past week or so, her sleep habits have GREATLY improved and I couldn't be happier with the amount of sleep I have been getting, but I still want to be sure that she doesn't have any underlying issues that we should be aware of. I hope that everyone has an amazing week!


  1. Glad to hear that things are better with Lil Bean...hoping the rest of the school year goes just as well for the others!

  2. Yeah for school! And being able to show them our history! Hope this sleep streak continues for you.