Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Make Me Smile

My day is really filled with joy. Bean loves to give Hugs and Kisses, all the time. Booger comes up to me randomly during the day and says "Mom, I love you soooo much." Peanut, is quite simply "my girl". She prefers me over everyone else, and she is always by my side reminding me of how lucky I am to be a mom. Now, don't think that my day is filled with children who listen all the time, and do as they are told every second of the day.....because that is most definitely NOT the case. But, they Make Me Smile, every time I think of them.


  1. What sweetie-heads they are!! :)
    (p.s. - uhhh hi, me again. So the anonymity thing. You know their names are on their pictures on the side bar?? heehee, sorry just trying to help.)

  2. I saw that...I just have to fix it. Thanks though. I do appreciate it.

    And thanks guys!! I agree I have great kids!