Saturday, September 25, 2010



I have to admit it's more fun to watch her play because she actually cares about the sport, and plays the game. Don't get me wrong those kids who run around and pick daisies are super cute, but I am a competitive person when I play sports so I love that my daughter is too.

Today Peanut scored 4 goals, and she also displayed great teamwork. I talked to her on the way to the game about making sure that she only playing defensively towards the other team, and not her own teammates. Usually Peanut takes the ball no matter who has it, but today she did a great job at allowing her teammates to take turns as well. 

After the game something SOOOOO SWEET  happened. Peanut's coach decided to buy the team snowballs for doing such a great job, and Peanut wanted to eat her snowball under the trees instead of at the picnic tables, like everyone else. A little boy, who seems to like her a lot decided to go sit with her. He then turned to her and said "Hey Peanut if you come sit with me at the picnic tables I will give you a surprise." She, of course being intrigued followed him over to the picnic tables. He then turned to myself and his own mother and told us we have to close our eyes so that he could give Peanut her surprise. We started cracking up....and his mother asked him what he wanted to give Peanut. He said "Mom, I was just gonna give her a kiss on the cheek, but I can't do it while everyone's watching!" It really was the cutest little thing. His mother and I laughed for about 5 minutes, which of course embarrassed them even more, so they went a sat back under the tree and talked and ate their snowballs together. 


  1. Yeah for peanut!!!!! So glad that she is excelling at such a fun sport. If only they could play volleyball at that age. And how cute (and scary) about that little boy wanting to give her a surprise. How could you not laugh? =)

  2. No now more little boys giving surprises away! :P hahaa