Monday, July 8, 2013

The start of a 4 year olds Party

So my little Beanie has been pretty open with what kind of party she would like. She wants a Minnie's Bowtique party. She wants the colors to be pink and purple and she doesn't want me stray from that plan. She is quite the little party planner.

So far I have made some cute centerpieces for the tables for under a 1$ each. I have made a Minnie mouse banner for under 3$ and a super cute Bowtique sign for 2$.

These were made from stuff I had around the house. Black poster board, pink and purple construction paper, small terra cotta pots, and popsicle sticks.

simple little invite:)

I picked up these super cute foam signs at the Dollar Store and wrote on them with puffy paint.

For 97 cents at Walmart you can get this plastic garland. Add some Minnie's silhouettes and cut out happy birthday letters.....all for under 3$

Close up of one of the banners.
Could she really be any cuter?
I get a little emotional thinking of my sweet Beanie turning 4. But, she is so excited and so happy looking at all the fun decorations. So, I am trying to be excited too, it's a bitter sweet excitement though.

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