Monday, November 7, 2011

WAYYYYY behind in my blogging

Well, I am back....I hope. I started working again in July and I have been sooo busy with everything that blogging has been last on my list.

Anyway, our school year has been going great. I have been concentrating on reading, reading comprehension and parts of speech with the kids. I have noticed recently that there are quite a few kids who don't know much about the english language or how to write properly and it's been bothering me. I am not the perfect writer nor do I claim to be, (Dan is actually much better than I am), but I want to teach my children the proper way to write.  So here is what we did today...

Booger loved this lesson, he says it will help him with one of his favorite games, MadLibs.
Hopefully I will be able to blog again soon. The kids are all doing so great and learning so many new things (I have been doing a few new things too). So until I blog again...

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