Saturday, January 15, 2011

new life for old clothes

As I was putting together a bag of clothes that I don't wear anymore I realized I could give some of my old clothes a new life by making a few changes. This is my first project....

 This old blue tshirt shrunk and faded terribly after being washed a few times, but I love the flower detail. Here's a close up of the flowers....

And this old lime green tshirt has a bleach stain.
So I decided to cut the flower detail off of the blue t-shirt and sew it (by hand) on to the green tshirt. I LOVE the final product and it has inspired to "go shopping" in my own closet.
So ladies, if you are looking for something new, take a trip to your local closet and see what you can come with. It's super fun and practically free!!!


  1. Such a great idea! I've even been saving some clothes that are too big now, to use for sewing fabric because the fabric is too pretty to get rid of!

  2. You amaze me crafty woman. Wish my brain could work that way!