Thursday, January 20, 2011

The day started off pretty good...

Monday was a great day.....until about 7pm. We spent the morning with a friend and her son at a local indoor play area. The kids had a fantastic time running around and getting TONS of energy out. I forgot to take my camera so, no pics...sorry. Anyway then we went home and enjoyed a movie on the couch together. I then got everyone ready to head to a cousins birthday party with my mom while the hubbs and I headed to our first night of imarriage at bible study. Within minutes of arriving at bible study I received a text from my mom that said "I think Peanut needs an X-ray". I called my mom and found out that she was pretty sure that the Peanuts leg was broken, I could her my 5 year old crying in the background. Then my mom says she'll call me back. What? call me back? NOOOOOO keep me on the phone. So I turned to the hubby and told him we needed to head to the hospital and that my mom would meet us there. And so we missed our first night of imarriage, I was really looking forward to it too.

My mom called me back once she had Peanut and Beanie in the car, she left Booger with my stepdad at the party, and said that there was a lump on her leg possibly her bone sticking out!!! I started panicking thinking that she had a compound fracture and would need surgery, a million things were running through my mind. The hubby however was super calm and he just walked outside and prayed for my sanity and for our little girl. Then I met him outside and we prayed again. When my mom pulled up to the hospital we scooped Peanut out of the van and headed in to be checked. Once we were inside and I got to look at her leg, which was already very swollen, I was able to calm down. Her bone was not sticking out...there was hope. Hubby held her the whole time we were waiting and he went in with her for her X-rays, I knew I couldn't handle it. I could hear her screaming through the door of the X-ray room, and I wanted so badly to go in and save her, but I knew that she was in good hands....her daddy's hands.

Then we were put in a room and Peanut started acting more like herself, talking to us and joking around a bit, which was nice. At one point she had to go to the bathroom which was and adventure in itself. Let's just say that when we came out of the bathroom the nurses looked quite concerned and asked us if she was okay. She was screaming things like "I do not like hospitals", and "why did you bring me here?" I felt terrible for her to say the least. When we got back into our room they were ready to put a splint on her. I was dreading this part, but to my surprise she did quite well while they were wrapping her leg. The water works came when I had to cut her pants to get them over her cast. Her exact words were "Those were really nice pants, and now I can't wear them anymore, I wish I never broke my leg!" After all that, my little fashionista was more worried about her pants than anything else.

Peanut has done spectacular over the last 3 days. I am so proud of how she is handling this. She hasn't once asked why, she is happy and taking her time with everything. We have made necklaces, and colored a lot, we are now attempting to make friendship bracelets thanks to a friend who got her a new kit. (We'll see how they turn out). This has been a trying time for the whole family, trying to adapt to carrying Peanut around, and treating her like a baby again, while also balancing the other two kids. But this to shall pass, and we are so thankful to God that she only hurt her leg and nothing else, and that so far she healing beautifully according to the doctors. So thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes!!! We look forward to seeing our little Peanut running around again soon.

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