Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little bit about me.

I am not a good houswife.....I am pretty sure I am a good mom, but NOT a good housewife. I should be cleaning the house right now..... I should be doing laundry and folding it and putting away...... I should go empty the dishwasher..... I should be getting stuff ready for Catherine's birthday party..... but instead I am blogging, and contemplating what fun thing the kids and I can get in to today instead of cleaning. Seriously its gorgeous outside, and I don't want to be inside. I hardly ever want to be inside. I always want to Go Go Go.

So if you stop by my house, sorry for the mess, I am out doing fun stuff, and for just a little while longer the house stuff will wait. I will do it tomorrow....maybe;)



  1. Those kids won't remember a clean house...they will remember all the memories you are making!! You are a GREAT mom! :)

  2. Thanks April, it's nice to hear those things from others!!!