Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crafty things for the kids....

So I have been wanting to paint a chalkboard area for the kids for a while now, but I didn't want to put it in the kitchen or the living room. Finally I decided to put it in the hallway where the kids bedrooms are. I also made a small area in the kitchen where I could keep in a running grocery list...what do you think?

This is the one that I put in the hallway, I want to use it to put the kids daily chore list, and then when they have finished and crossed everything off they can use it to draw on.

This is my pantry door, the brown panels are the chalk board areas, I figured I could use the top, and the kids could use the bottom.

I found this idea in another blog that I was reading and I love it. Paige and I made this together tonight. It cost a total of 13$!!!!

It's a lazy susan that I purchased at Target for 7$, and then we found the little buckets in the dollar section and hot glued them in place. It's a perfect center piece for my table. I love it!!!!

Paige and Adam spent about an hour coloring tonight after we put it together, everything was within reach and a super easy clean up!


  1. OKay so I love both things, and I am very tempted to make a lazy susan thing for my desk now.. :) thanks for sharing. Oh and I think the ideas for the use of the chalkboard are clever!

  2. OH what a cute idea, the lazy susan!!! And chalkboards...I had one in the townhouse and have yet to put on in our house now...I miss it!

  3. i want a chalkboard so baadd! i cant wait to draw on youurrs! :P