Saturday, November 8, 2014

Homemade Christmas gifts

Okay, Okay, I just posted about a thankful tree two days ago, but I have to share this with you!

Art is a very large part of our homeschool. My children love to paint, draw and create. Last year our year end art project for the older two was a Monet inspired piece which produced two beautiful works of art which are hanging in our home. I have had many guests remark on the artwork and tell us what a lovely job the kids did.

So this year as I started to think of gifts I realized I wanted to give things that people could use, but that also had a personal or handmade touch. Enter BRILLIANT idea. I took pictures of the kids artwork and turned them into greeting cards that people could use for ANYTHING. Beanie also 'painted' a gorgeous piece last year using celery and leaves. Check it out!!

Great right? The best part is this, snap fish is running a 40% off cards +free shipping special right now. I chose a notecard that allowed me to use my picture as the ENTIRE front of the card, no words....but if you wanted words you could that too.

I ordered 24 of each card and my total was about $85.00. However after the discount I spent just under $50.00 for 72 cards. Once the cards came in (which took 3 days....not kidding....3 days) I divided them into sets of 9 which gives me 7 Christmas gifts (I am keeping a set for myself).  Each set of cards cost about $7.05, and the other day at Target I found card boxes for $0.45 each, bringing my total per boxed card set to $7.50. Here is what they look like.

I cannot wait to give these out for Christmas (if you are on the receiving end of one these sorry for spoiling the surprise).

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