Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Great Criswell Pyramid of Maryland

The Great Criswell Pyramid was built on November 13, 2012. And it was glorious.

Today I challenged the kids to build a pyramid using their blocks. The first pyramid had to be torn down as it wasn't built to code. But the second with a little help from mom and some great creativity and critical thinking from the kids was great.

We had to spend some time thinking because the base of our pyramid was too big.
Once Booger realized that he could use other blocks to help with the measurements, he and Peanut were able to quickly finish buildling the pyramid

Silly Mommy, I asked why there were ramps leading to the different levels, Peanuts response, "for the workers to finish."
And the final product wouldn't be complete without a Lego Egyptian soldier walking the access ramp to pay homage to his Pharoah.

 I LOVE homeschooling :)

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