Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Explorer, Jack Frost, and a princess.

The last two days have been beautiful. My kids have been outside for hours and it's hard to pull them in for even a quick lesson. Today though they have a great story line to go with their play.

My son, is Jack Frost, without him there would be no fun. (We have watched Rise of the Guardians at least 5 times since I bought it last week.) He is helping an explorer (Peanut) to rescue the Princess (Beanie) who has been trapped in a tower. I am not sure why the Princess is trapped or why they are building a tipi, (yes I said tipi) but it's quite the adventure and who I am to get in the way of such wonderful imaginations.

Jack Frost trapping the princess

Apparently this princess can't wait for the explorer and is taking things into her own hands

My mother made this cape years and years ago, and without it I am positive that our adventures wouldn't be quite as epic.

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