Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poor Screaming Baby....and an update on Booger and Peanut

Now I know why Bean was screaming yesterday, poor girl is still wheezing and now also has an ear infection in her right ear. This Bronchitis is getting the best of her. I am praying she gets better soon.

Last night the Peanut could not sleep, so she asked me if it would be okay for her to stay up and read in her bed. How can you say no to that? She read 3 books before falling asleep. I love that she can read now and enjoys doing it.

We are learning the countries of the world in our social studies lesson and doing small studies on a few key countries. Both Booger and Peanut are doing so well, I would say that Peanut can locate 65% of the countries in North America, South America and Europe and Booger can locate about 75-80%. It's amazing how quickly they are both learning, and how well Peanut is keeping up with Booger even though she is working at 2nd grade level when she is only in kindergarten.

I am so proud and love teaching my kids.

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